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Whether its a serious project or a core drill hole, look no further than Clean Cut Sawing and Drilling Inc., Virginia’s leader in concrete cutting. Quality is the result of intent and purpose. It comes from your vision and an effort that continually moves us in the direction of your vision. C.C.S.D. strives to deliver clean, prompt, and punctual services from core drilling to slab sawing. Even in the messiest of situations, we leave no corner uncut, or overcut, if that’s your preference.

Demolition robots are used in the construction industry to demolish various structures. These mobile robots are a relatively new form of professional service robot and can fit through tight spaces, completing the task both clean and efficient.

Demolition is the science and engineering in safely and efficiently tearing down buildings and other artificial structures. C.C.S.D. specializes in small scale vibration free demolition while carefully preserving the working environment and maintaining a clean space.

Flat sawing is most commonly used to cut building slabs and roadways asphalt or concrete. From plumbing trenches to runway expansions, Clean Cut Sawing and Drilling Inc. has you covered.
Chain sawing is most commonly used in openings smaller than 20″ x 20″ that can’t be overcut as well as finish the corners that round blades can’t get to. By achieving a “plunge” depth of up to 25″, the chainsaw allows the back corners left by a round blade to be cut to depth without overcutting.
Wire sawing can be used to cut any substrate in any application. From square openings in a wall to cutting entire portions of a building away from itself, the wire saw can cut to any depth, length, or width. It is literally infinite in sawing ability.
C.C.S.D. has the ability and the know how to core any depth or diameter desired. While core drilling is commonplace in construction these days, it’s hard to beat a man at his own game. We can drill to unlimited depths and have the experience to prove it.

Hand sawing is used for multiple applications but, it’s most common use is in demolition environments. When an area is inaccessible by larger equipment, hand sawing is the ticket. This is our most versatile production cutting tool and can cut up to a depth of 12″.

Wall sawing is most commonly used for the purpose of large amounts of door openings, or rigorous cutting to depths greater than 6″ in solid concrete. A synonym for wall sawing is “track sawing” because it uses a system of feet and geared tracks, to mount a saw with a mechanized travel and fastening system directly to the concrete. Wall sawing is one of the most efficient concrete cutting methods, and is a favorite of the dinos!